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CASP Student Nominations

Student wearing CASP UC San Diego backpackParticipating high schools, community colleges, and community-based organizations: learn how to nominate an eligible student for the Chancellor's Associates Scholars Program (CASP) at UC San Diego.

The nomination form for the 2024-25 academic year is now open until January 5, 2024. Please see "nomination instructions" below to nominate up to two students.

Program Information

UC San Diego created the Chancellor’s Associates Scholars Program (CASP) in 2013 as a new scholarship program to recognize and support local, high-achieving students at both the freshman and transfer levels. Schools and community-based organizations (CBOs) that serve historically underserved populations and share the campus commitment to embrace equity, diversity, and access to higher education were selected as participants.

As we enter the 6th year of the program, we are excited to continue to expand CASP to provide greater access to this life-changing opportunity and to positively impact students and families throughout the state of California.

Through scholarship funding, benefits, services, and programs, CASP recognizes and supports talented students with great potential, financial need, and motivation to succeed academically at UC San Diego.

Our program foci are:

  • Access
  • Academic support
  • Community building
  • Mentorship
  • Self-advocacy
  • Student development
  • Transition

Current Participating Institutions and Organizations

There is no change to the CASP program for current partners. Click here to view a list of our partner institutions and organizations.

Invitation for CASP Nominations
from Chancellor Pradeep K. Khosla

Nominator Eligibility

One institution or organization through an Individual nominator (as defined in the list below) can nominate up to 2 candidates.

The number of nominees allowed per entity will be reassessed each year and may be adjusted in future years.

Nominators should hold the following roles at the school or organization:

High Schools

  • Principal (or designee)
  • Assistant Principal
  • Counselor
  • Dean of Students
  • AVID Coordinator

Community Colleges

  • President
  • Vice President or Dean
  • Transfer Center Director
  • Program Coordinator (Puente, Umoja, EOPS, etc.)
  • Counselor

Community-Based Organizations

  • President / Senior Officer / Chair
  • Vice President / Vice Chair
  • Director
  • Coordinator / Youth Coordinator
  • Counselor / Coach / Community Liaison

Nomination Process for New Participating Institutions & Organizations

Candidates must meet at least 2 of the following 10 criteria:

  • Participation in a pre-college program (e.g., AVID, Gear Up, EAOP, Puente, Umoja, etc.)
  • First-generation (first in their family to attend college)
  • Low-income, including participation in the free and reduced lunch program
  • Foster youth
  • Single parent household
  • Student veteran
  • Military dependent
  • Reentry student
  • Students who are parents
  • Overcome hardship/ personal challenge (e.g., family circumstances, homelessness, formerly incarcerated, etc.)

The university will verify that each nominated candidate meets all of the minimum criteria below, prior to moving them forward to the selection process:

  • Admitted to UC San Diego
  • California resident for tuition purposes (AB 540 students are eligible) 
  • Completed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) OR the California Dream Act Application by the March 2nd application deadline AND be eligible for the UC Blue and Gold Opportunity Program (California residents with total family income less than $80,000 with financial need)

Nomination Instructions

Nomination period

  • The deadline for the 2024-2025 academic year is January 5, 2024.
  • Late nominations will not be considered under any circumstances.

Nomination guidelines

  • Individual nominators can submit up to 2 candidates.
  • To be considered, the student nominee must apply using the UC Application for Admissions and be granted admission to UC San Diego.
  • To complete the nomination process, ensure that the individual you are nominating meets the other eligibility criteria as described above under "Student Nominee Eligibility."
  • The nomination of a student has no bearing on the UC admissions process and admission to UC San Diego does not guarantee receipt of the CASP scholarship.

Selection criteria

  • The selection of CASP Scholars includes a thorough and holistic review of each candidate, based on the information contained in the UC application for undergraduate admission and scholarships.
  • To be considered, all CASP candidates must meet the minimum eligibility criteria as described above under "Student Nominee Eligibility."

Nomination / Application Timeline

October 1

FAFSA and California Dream Act Application available *

* To be considered for CASP, students must complete the FAFSA or California Dream Act Application

October 1– November 30 UC San Diego application period for high school seniors and transfers
November 1 CASP nomination form available
January 7 Deadline to submit CASP nomination forms
March 1–31 First-year admissions decision notification and financial aid estimate release (includes scholarship awards)
March 1 – April 30
Transfer admissions decision notification and financial aid estimate release (includes scholarship awards)
May 1 Deadline for first-year admits to accept the offer of admission
June 1 Deadline for transfer admits to accept the offer of admission

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