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CASP Once-A-Week Learning Communities (OLCs)

Group of UC San Diego CASP students holding a banner that reads TRANSFER OLC

About OLC Seminars

Once-A-Week Learning Communities (OLCs) are 50-minute learning community seminars that give students an opportunity to engage with peers on topics ranging from transitioning into college to utilizing on-campus resources and more. OLCs provide a consistent, small group environment that provides a network of support. 

CASP OLCs take place Weeks 1–10 in the Winter Quarter, and Weeks 2-9 in the Spring Quarter. 

As a reminder, OLCs are only required and open to first-year CASP students, both freshmen, and transfer students. 

OLC Meeting Times

Note: CASP OLCs will be delivered through an online platform in order for students to fulfill their CASP requirements. Please check your UCSD email regularly for more information regarding OLC and UC San Diego Guidelines.

For questions, please contact Karen Van Ness (, Academic Support Coordinator.

CASP OLCs meet every other week

  • If you entered as a freshman, your OLC will meet Weeks 1, 3, 5, 7, 9.
  • If you entered as a transfer student, your OLC will meet Weeks 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10.

Days and Times: TBA


Registration for Winter 2021 OLC will be open mid-Quarter of Fall 2020.

Please check your UCSD email for more updates.


We are currently hiring a lead OLC student facilitator; if you are interested in the position, please apply online.  More information about the position is available on Handshake.

Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines are guidelines that are made to create a safe space within the OLC. Each OLC has a different set of community guidelines, and the list is always changing! 

Here are the CASP OLC community guidelines:

  • Be Respectful (Attack the idea, not the individual) - those that share ideas should be respected and if need be the idea should be broken down, not the individual.
  • Listen to each other - respect includes active listening. Students must show full attention to their OLC leaders as well as their peers.
  • One mic, one star - When someone else is speaking there should be no one else speaking.
  • Embrace the silence - Silence is ok! Everyone processes information differently and this needs to be respected. 
  • "I" Statements - Be accountable for what you say. Students should not assume for their peers or other groups. 
  • Inclusive Language - Practice inclusive language for all identities.
  • Vegas Rule - Whatever is said in the space, stays in the space. However, whatever is learned in the space leaves it!
  • Lean into your discomfort - Practice trying to challenge yourself to share or contribute to the OLC. Everyone is part of this learning community! 
  • Have fun! - Self-explanatory :) 

Thank you to California Coast Credit Union for making our 2018–2019 academic year OLCs possible!